Monthly Archive: September 2011


Free—open access paper: Phylogeny and divergence times inferred from rps16 sequence data analyses for Tricyrtis (Liliaceae), an endemic genus of north-east Asia

The rate of molecular evolution of Tricyrtis plant groups as a model system was estimated. The outcome further highlights the importance of conserving biodiversity in a rapidly changing Earth environment. This phylogenetic analyses of...


Free—open access paper: Co-ordinated changes in storage proteins during development and germination of elite seeds of Pongamia pinnata, a versatile biodiesel legume

Seeds of Pongamia pinnata used as feedstock for biodiesel production and the protein-rich residue is fed to farm animals. This paper describes seed development and early germination in terms of phenology, protein and reserve...

Back to reality: 77 hours without e-mails and 248 new ones!

Italian Genetics Societies in Assisi: staple foods and orphan crops via epigenomics and systems biology

The three Genetics Societies in Italy – AGI, SIBV and SIGA – held a strong joint conference in Assisi in September. With 500 people and 300 posters, the major sessions were on topical issues such as epigenetics and epigenomics, then genome plasticity, moving on to systems biology. , Approaches included whole genome sequencing, annotation and functional analysis, and focussed on many crops and some animal genetics

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