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Image: Wikimedia Commons.
Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Always keen to promote free stuff – especially when it is about plants – this column is pleased to advise that videos of several of the presentations from the inaugural conference of the UK’s fledgling PSF (Plant Science Federation – which meeting was covered in a recent series of posts) are now available online. So you can now see and hear some of the UK’s plant scientists expounding upon such globally relevant topics as ‘Breeding wheat for sustainable intensification’, ‘Regulation of plant functioning and yield under climatic and edaphic stress’, ‘Temperature sensing in plants’, ‘Improving plants for the production of 2nd generation biofuels’ and ‘Moving beyond the potato and tomato genome sequences’. Enjoy…

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Nigel Chaffey

Nigel is a botanist and full-time academic at Bath Spa University (Bath, near Bristol, UK). As News Editor for the Annals of Botany he contributes the monthly Plant Cuttings column to that august international botanical organ. His main goal is to inform (hopefully, in an educational, and entertaining way...) about plants and plant-people interactions.