周五,周五,Friday Tweets from #IBC2017

We return to Shenzhen with more Tweets from the International Botanical Congress

We return to Shenzhen with more Twitter commentary.

Pollen Tubes to Fertilisation

Around the Conference


The Origin of Economically Important Cucumis, Citrullus and Momordica

Early Angiosperms

Ex situ Cultivated Flora and Germplasm Discovery for Novel Crop Plants

Seed Germination and Seedling Emerging Out of Soil

Establishing New Botanic Gardens in Indonesia

Spatial Phylogenetics


Building and Exploring the Green Plant Tree of Life

Ranunculaceae and the Evo-Devo of the Flower

Latin American Botanical Research

Key Questions on Angiosperm Macroevolution

World Flora Online

Asian and Chinese Bryology

Mimicry in Plants

Halophyte Physiology

Systematics in 20250

Evolution of Intercontinental Disjunctions in Ferns and Bryophytes


Ethnobotany of Mountain Regions

Novel Insights into Wood Research

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