Author - Alun Salt

When he's not the web developer for AoB Blog, Alun Salt researches something that could be mistaken for the archaeology of science. His current research is about whether there's such a thing as scientific heritage and if there is how would you recognise it?


NQFF the last

What have you been sharing on Twitter this week? Sadly the death of Roger Tsien, but also some other links you found useful.


NQFF: Moss, moving and Madagascar

The second week of the trial run for NQFF. Are the lists of followers helpful, or are you just interested in the stories? I ask as the lists of twitter...


On recent events

We have tended to keep to botany here, or at least things directly relevant to botanical researchers. I’ll admit this might come as a surprise to one or two...


What can AoBBlog do for you?

I’m trying to finish up the annual report today for the Editorial Meeting on June the.. umm… 21st I think. The blog is becoming more independent of the parent...

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