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Roots of a Trifolium striatum plant being washed prior to being oven-dried and weighed for the relative competitive index (RCI) calculations. Plants were grown in glasshouse pots inoculated with soil microbiota that was collected from the rhizosphere of conspecific plants in their native or introduced ranges. Photo by Natasha Shelby.

No difference in the competitive ability of introduced and native Trifolium provenances when grown with soil biota from their introduced and native ranges

A new biogeographic study published in AoB PLANTS by Shelby et al. tested the evolution of increased competitive ability (EICA) hypothesis—a compelling explanation for why plants become invasive. The authors measured the growth rates...

Frankenstein's Monster

The 21st century Prometheus

The full title of Mary Shelley’s acclaimed 1818 novel “Frankenstein” is “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus”. Well, fictional frightening-fellow fabricator Dr Frankenstein may have been the modern Prometheus of his day, but I’ve just chanced upon the 21st century version. Nothing to do with hard-copy science fiction of the late Georgian period, this truly modern Prometheus is science fact-based and exists virtually as an on-line Wiki

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