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Silene acaulis subsp. bryoides an alpine cushion plant photographed in July 2014 in the Majella National Park (photo credit: Giovanni Pelino)

Changes in composition, ecology and structure of high-mountain vegetation: a re-visitation study over 42 years

Mediterranean high-mountain ecosystems are increasingly threatened by climate change, causing biodiversity loss, habitat degradation and landscape modifications. In a new study published in AoB PLANTS, Evangelista et al. used phytosociological relevés to conduct a re-visitation...


Building a vision for the future: creating a roadmap for UK plant sciences

Plant science has a central role to play in so many of the global challenges facing the world today, including our future food security, the conservation of biodiversity, sustaining ecosystem services, improving global health and mitigating impacts of global climate change. The UK is internationally recognised for its excellence in plant science, and as such is well positioned to help provide solutions across the range of challenges facing the planet now and in the future.

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