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Briefing: banana disease

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Plant Virus Ecology

In this short and highly accessible article, Marilyn Roossinck provides an excellent primer for the non-initiated.


Breathe in, breathe out

A paper in AoB PLANTS describes new methods for real-time monitoring of trace gases such as ethylene, nitric oxide and ethanol which play an important role in...


Here we go again…

In January I wrote about Molecular Plant Pathology’s top 10 plant viruses in molecular plant pathology. Everyone likes a good list, but I had no idea it...


Bananas on the cover – a videoblog

We used a bunch of bananas, one of the species I work with, as the main background image on the cover of Annals of Botany two years ago. I am discussing the...


The mysteries of movement proteins

To establish a systemic infection, plant viruses invade neighboring cells via cell to cell movement trough plasmodesmata channels until they reach the vascular...

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