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Nano? NaYES!

When we’ve covered stories about plants and nano particles/nanotechnology in the past it’s usually been from a rather pessimistic and doom and gloom laden...

Plant Cuttings

369,400…and counting(!)

Being an avid supporter of the importance of plants (I do hope that’s come over quite strongly in my various blog items..?), I’m always keen to share with my...

Plant Cuttings

The 21st century Prometheus

The full title of Mary Shelley’s acclaimed 1818 novel “Frankenstein” is “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus”. Well, fictional frightening-fellow fabricator...

Plant Cuttings


This item concerns uses of botanical bits-and-pieces in ways that Nature never intended. But having also brought forth Man, that natural entity has given that...

Plant Cuttings

Every dog has its day

One of the great hopes of the 1980s (and as far back as the 1940s) was that one plant species would be typical of all plants and could be used as a model for...

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